Mahajan Dentistry Offers Quality Dental Fillings

Dr. Rekha M. Mahajan and her team in Novi, Michigan, are committed to providing the best in restorative dentistry. Patients who visit Mahajan Dentistry and have areas of decay will want to find out if they are a good candidate for dental fillings. 

What are dental fillings? 

Dental fillings are used to stop an area of decay, or a cavity, from becoming more extensive, deeper, and more damaging to the natural tooth. They restore decayed teeth to save them from future extraction. Dental fillings provided at our practice are made of a composite resin, which allows for same-day repair of fillings.

 What types of dental fillings are available?

At Mahajan Dentistry, Dr. Rekha M. Mahajan wants to ensure that her dental work matches the patient’s existing teeth. Additionally, she is also aware of the safest materials to use for fillings. Other dentists might use silver amalgam fillings, which are shown to have harmful effects. Instead, she uses composite fillings, or tooth-colored fillings, to restore areas of decay. This type of filling is both aesthetic and safe to use within the smile. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, composite fillings are free from mercury toxins and do not expand and contract with temperature changes, leaving the inner tooth exposed to bacteria. 

How do I care for my dental fillings? 

Caring for fillings is easy. Patients will want to continue participating in preventative dentistry, brushing and flossing the teeth after every meal when possible, to remove food particles and plaque. Patients brush as they usually do and make routine visits at their dental office for cleanings and evaluations. With proper care, most fillings will last several years before removal and replacement are needed. However, with regular appointments, the dental team can monitor the health of fillings and make recommendations if they need to be removed.

Learn more about the benefits of composite fillings 

If you are looking to restore decayed teeth, it is time to speak to Dr. Rekha Mahajan and her Novi, MI team about the placement of dental fillings. Call (248) 971-2200 to request an appointment at her practice, conveniently located at 23965 Novi Road, Suite #140. The practice is open to new and returning patients in the community.