Why Patients Choose Dental Bridges for Tooth Replacement

Dr. Rekha M. Mahajan and her team at Mahajan Dentistry in Novi, Michigan, work with patients looking to replace missing teeth. She has various methods available, including fixed dental bridges and implant-supported bridges.  

What is a fixed dental bridge? 

A fixed dental bridge is used to restore one or more teeth in the dental arch. The bridge is made of porcelain, a material commonly used in cosmetic dentistry because it can be made to resemble the patient’s existing teeth. The adjacent teeth are used as supports for the bridge, or a patient might need the placement of an implant. 

How does an implant-supported bridge work? 

If a patient does not have a natural tooth on one or both sides of the missing tooth or teeth, they may need the placement of a dental implant into the jawbone. It can then act as an anchor to hold the bridge in place. 

How do I care for my bridgework? 

Once a dentist has placed a dental bridge, it is essential that patients fully understand how to care for this appliance. Dental bridges require the same care given to the existing, natural teeth and other dental restoration. Brush and floss between all the teeth, including both restored and natural teeth, do this after every meal, if possible, to avoid the buildup of plaque and food particles that can contribute to cavities and periodontal disease. Patients are also advised to visit their dentist regularly, preferably every six months, for an evaluation and thorough cleaning by our dental hygienist or dentist. Patients who have conditions that might damage their teeth or restorations, such as TMD or bruxism, will also want to talk to their dentist about wearing a nightguard or mouthguard to protect the teeth and restorations.

Are you interested in replacing teeth with a bridge? 

Connect with our team at Mahajan Dentistry to discuss your needs and find out if you are a good candidate for dental bridges. We are open to patients in and around the community of Novi, MI, and can provide a wide range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry procedures. We are located at 23965 Novi Road, Suite #140, and can be reached by phone at (248) 971-2200 to make an appointment.

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges
A bridge is a non-surgical way to replace one or many teeth. A bridge uses the adjacent teeth as anchors to support the missing tooth or teeth. With today’s dental advancements, a bridge can be fabricated in a fairly short period of time, using a metal or nonmetal foundation. Don’t let that missing tooth affect the way you speak, eat, and smile. Bridges yield immediate results that last a lifetime. Ask your dentist what type of bridge may be right for you.